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All Genres and Skill Levels WELCOME 




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About our showcases:  

We provide a safe and professional experience for serious performers interested in taking their music career to the next level.  

Each performance package includes a few perks that are designed to help artist with the creation or up keep of their EPK (Electronic Press Kit) - this includes but is not limited to a media package assigned to each slot.

Every performer can look forward to daily promotion and a free write up on our blog featuring indie and industry artist, news and music.  

We also include free spins on Music Network 1063s Internet Radio Station - which comes with FREE promotion for artist interested in learning more about building their buzz using the radio station.

There are THREE levels - Silver - Bronze and Gold packages, then there is the VIP packages for artist who want to incorporate some form of media run as part of the showcase experience.

Out of state artist can ask about our VIP packages when it comes to treating artist as headliners and this comes with additional write ups, press releases and more so that the artist can use the experience in future promotion.

Artist who conduct themselves in a professional manner can also count on us for referrals as well as inclusion in our free email blast with opportunities, industry updates and introduction to up and coming entertainment professionals from all over the world.

OUR GOAL is to take a showcase experience and make it work for artist of all levels, a safe place to network and grow.

Performing live can have many benefits, both for the performer and the audience. Here are some potential benefits of performing live:

  • Connection with the audience: Live performance offers an opportunity for performers to connect with their audience in a unique and powerful way.
  • Performers can engage with the crowd, read their reactions, and adjust their performance accordingly, creating an immersive experience for everyone involved.
  • Feedback and improvement: Live performances provide a valuable opportunity for performers to receive immediate feedback from the audience, which can help them improve their skills and refine their act.
  • Exposure and networking: Live performances can help performers gain exposure and make important connections within the industry. This can lead to future performance opportunities, collaborations, and even job offers.
  • Emotional release: Performing live can be a cathartic experience for performers, allowing them to release pent-up emotions and express themselves creatively in a supportive environment.
  • Financial rewards: Performing live can be a lucrative pursuit, with performers being paid for their services, receiving tips, and even earning a percentage of ticket sales.
  • Improved confidence: The experience of performing live can help performers build confidence in their abilities, which can have a positive impact on all areas of their life.
  • Unique experience: Live performances offer a unique and memorable experience for both performers and audience members. Unlike recorded or online performances, live shows create a sense of immediacy, spontaneity, and connection that can't be replicated in any other format.

Artist who want to learn more should follow our socials and pay attention to the information we promote so they can engage in real time.  

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