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This is PERFECT for artist who are consistently dropping music and visuals to go along with the music.  Are you going to shows?  Are you making serious waves in your market but you need some help getting national attention?  THIS IS WHAT - our PUBLICIST PACKAGE IS ALL ABOUT.

This is a MONTHLY service to HELP give you a professional presence on social media WHILE creating content that can be submitted to labels and other industry professionals relating to your music.  This is perfect for a indie artist who needs help introducing themselves to anyone from a local promoter to a radio personality.

With a SOLID presentation starting with a MONTHLY WRITE UP - we use the things you put on social media to compile solid content designed to bring attention to your music and brand without getting involved in the politics often associated with being a indie artist.  


We offer a digital service and a few additional services for artist who want more from this experience - INCLUDING live reviews and interviews with lesser known media personalities all the way up to the main stream platforms we know and love.  

UNFORTUNATALY this service is NOT FREE but it is well worth the cost.  Starting at only $50 a MONTH

If you are like many artist, it's hard to know what is worth investing in especially when you are working with a limited budget.  That is why we provide a publicist service that goes above and beyond with our grass roots promotion and management style.  Consistent reminders and support to drive traffic to the content we create while encouraging artist to get involved in local events to help them create content to keep their followers engaged.  

This isn't rocket science but it is a lot of extra steps that most industry professionals do not have the time to take care of and that is why our Publicist package is a great extention for our management services.  

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