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Thank YOU for choosing #StrictlyBidness 

Strictly Bidness Management specializes in promoting indie artists on Twitter. We help artists increase their visibility, grow their audience, and connect with their fans through engaging and effective tweets.

We are here to help indie artists who are looking to promote their music and build a following on Twitter. We focus on emerging artists who may not have a large budget for marketing but are committed to growing their brand.

We also help educate artist so they can learn the basics before introducing services appropriate for where their career is realistically.  


Content Creation: We will work with the artist to create engaging and shareable content for their tweets. This will include graphics, videos, and text that will grab the attention of their target audience and allow them to communicate with their followers in a organic way.  

Hashtag Research: We will research and identify the most effective hashtags to use for each tweet, ensuring maximum exposure and engagement while also implementing newer tactics using other platforms like tik tok, instagram and snapchat .  

Account Management and Promotion:   We can manage the artist's Twitter account, posting regular updates and interacting with their followers to build a strong community.

We can also host a promo account that represents the artist and their music, while it is not the same thing as a one on one interaction, it allows the artist the ability to clarify the difference between the professional platforms and personal accounts. 

Analytics and Reporting: We will provide regular analytics and reporting on the artist's Twitter account, including follower growth, engagement rates, and reach.

Basic Plan 

10 tweets per week

Basic content creation and Analytics reporting.

Professional Plan 

Includes 20 tweets per week

Advanced content creation, Hashtag Research, Twitter management, and analytics reporting.

Blog Write up and Placement - 2 General and 2 Music Related 

Placement and Spins on Music Network 1063 for up to 3 singles 

Includes Promotion and Creation of graphic for promotional use 

Premium Plan

Includes 30 tweets per week 

Premium content creation, hashtag research, Twitter Management or Hosting, and in-depth analytics reporting.  

Blog Write up and Placement - 4 General and 4 Music Related

Placement and Spins on Music Network 1063 for up to 3 singles

Includes Promotion and Creation of graphic for promotional use

Monthly Campaigns for indie station - Managed by #StrictlyBidness to partner with artist for branding purposes.

Book up to four monthly shows - open mic or showcases OR help organize events 

Help Coordinate additional promotion like live reviews, reaction videos etc. 


Our marketing strategy will focus on building a strong social media presence through Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. We will also partner with indie music blogs and podcasts to promote our services and reach a wider audience.  We work hard to connect with influencers and use our brand's reputation as leverage to broker affordable deals that can benefit all of our clients.  Increasing our productivity while keeping rates affordable for indie artist struggling to connect the pieces.  

Strictly Bidness Management aims to be a one-stop-shop for indie artists looking to grow their presence on Twitter. Our focus on content creation, hashtag research, and Twitter management sets us apart from other social media marketing agencies, and our affordable pricing makes our services accessible to emerging artists.

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