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Behind The Name - Strictly Bidness 

The name is a play on words and a reminder of where we came from and who we represent.  When we first started working with indie artist out of New Britain, CT - we noticed that a lot of the people we were working with had little or no professional experience working in music.  Their first interaction with any form of structure  - came from Strictly Bidness, an extension of Rapper Dutch Schultz management style.  To clarify the work he did, he started calling himself - Dutch Schultz of Strictly Bidness and the name stuck.  Now he works with Jennifer and Liz, two capable management specialist who contribute to the different aspects to the inner circle of the Strictly Bidness Management team.  As of 2023, Strictly Bidness has employed a number of people who are dedicated to the Strictly Bidness mission.  

Strictly Bidness Management 

Background & Experience 

Working in the Local Scene 

With experience as a rapper, Dutch Schultz started making the rounds performing and connecting with rappers from all over the state.  He started in New Britain, then shot down to Meriden and then he proceeded to hit the big cities from Hartford to New Haven to Bridgeport and up to New London.  The reason Dutch did this is to get familiar with the different aspects of the state in regard to the hip hop / rap scene. With little help from any industry professionals, Dutch created a grass roots network dedicated to connecting with indie artist and collabing with them on different projects.  This helped Dutch to create the foundation for what was to come in later years as things began to slow down due to Covid and other things.  Jennifer and Liz have been taking over the real estate industry by storm and Dutch took some time to run support while using the experience from the music game in the real estate world.  In 2023 Strictly Bidness will be taking their experience and connections in both real estate and music to help artist get ready for serious industry runs or viable independent careers based on real effort and real results.  With new policies when it comes to social media activity and networking, the real work is going to have to include in person opportunities and coordinated efforts with artist who have the ability to cover the fees that go along with that kind of service.   

About Dutch Schultz the founder of Strictly Bidness

Dutch Schultz is an amazing man who is very passionate about rap and hip hop culture in general.  He plays the part of the bad guy when it comes to working with artist because it's his job to point out what isn't working or what needs to be improved.  Dutch is not the typical rapper as he does not like to influence his followers, fans and clients in the wrong way but he is increasingly dedicated to being the person he wants to be in any arena.  These two things often clash which makes Dutch a entertaining person to follow and someone who is open to critical conversations with opposing views.

  Capable and qualified, he is a force in himself and takes the responsibility of working with indie artist as serious as he takes his responsibility as a father of five.  Every artist gets the same application process to vet their work ethic and get feedback about their talent from third party sources, this is so Dutch can create a baseline to start the six month program he designed to get artist to the place where it would make sense to reach out to labels on their behalf.  

We like to offer services FREE SERVICES as a way to showcase what we do and introduce them to another form of promotion.  This is a also a nice way for artist to express how they see themselves for a better idea of how we can help promote them to the masses.  OUR GOAL is to help artist think more like labels when coordinating promotion for up coming events. 

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